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LA Fixit understands how frustrating it can be to come home after a long day at work, stuck in traffic for 45 minutes to discover a huge puddle of water under your Whirlpool refrigerator. Our professional team of specially trained repair technicians will be dispatched within an hour (when possible) and get your appliance running again – giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Due to normal wear and tear, even the most dependable and durable appliances, like Whirlpool, occasionally need repairs. Our professionally technicians are trained to repair all Whirlpool appliances. We carry a large inventory of replacement parts and in most cases will have your appliance running the same day. Occasionally, we may have to order a part, which is never an issue – our network of parts suppliers and distributors will expedite delivery so we may get your appliance repaired in a timely manner.

There are some troubleshooting techniques that may resolve the issues that you can try before calling for a repair technician. Below are some common problems and suggested actions. If the problems persist, call LAFixit and schedule an appointment with one of our professionals.

Whirlpool Washers

Please read the tips for troubleshooting the most common problems with Whirlpool Washers before contacting one of our technicians.

Motor Runs but doesn’t spin ?

  • If the motor runs and water is pumped out, the belt will need to be tightened.
  • If you smell or see smoke before it stopped spinning the belt needs to be replaced
  • The washer agitates and pumps water out but won’t shift into spin during spin cycle. It may be the lid switch is bad, or the timer


Washer Fills too slowly ?

  • Possible low water pressure into your home
  • Hoses may need to be back-flushed


Tub fills but it doesn’t agitate ?

  • The belt needs replacement
  • If the tub fills and the motor runs but the tub does not agitate agitation, either the water recirculation is pump out. Tub fills OK and then motor runs with no agitation but water is pumped out and fill starts again.


Washes and spins but doesn’t drain ? 

  • Water recirculates in washer and doesn’t drain
  • The pump may not have shifted to drain cycle
  • Motor runs but doesn’t pump out
  • Look for a kinked drain hose 


Washing Machine Skips Cycles ? 

  • Recirculates water or skips cycles – timer may be bad


Water on the Floor ? 

  • Check the drain hose to make sure it is still draining into the sewer drain
  • Possible tub leaks
  • Possible bad pump seal


Tub Crashes into the side of the unit ?

  • Check distribution of load for off-balance

For these and other issues with your Whirlpool Washing Machine Contact LA Fixit Repair technicians. 

Whirlpool Dryers

To help you with troubleshooting of your Whirlpool Dryer, please see the list of most common issues and possible solutions to these problems: 

If the dryer doesn’t heat up

  • Check that power is coming to the dryer
    • Plug something else into the outlet to test
    • Check the circuit breaker for tripped breakers
  • The heating element may need replacement
  • Thermostat may have quit working


If the Dryer won’t Come On

  • Check to make sure door is closed tightly
  • Check that power is coming to the dryer
    • Plug something else into the outlet to test
    • Check the circuit breaker for tripped breakers
  • Open the door and hold the door switch – if unit still doesn’t come on, the door switch may have gone out


Smells like something was burning

  • Unplug the unit immediately. Check the prongs of the plug and see if charred.
  • The belt switch may be defective or there is a belt broken.


Dryer Stops Running mid-cycle

  • Motor may be overheating if you are able to restart it in 15-30 minutes


Dryer Never Stops

  • The starter switch may have may have shorted out


As Soon as Timer is Set Dryer Runs

  • The push to start switch may be bad


Dryer Only Runs when you hold the start button down

  • Motor switch may be malfunctioning
  • Defective or the belt broken


Dryer Makes Strange Sounds

  • Loud rumble- drum rollers many need attention or replacement
  • Squeaking and squealing- idler pulley may need attention
  • Clinking inside the drum is may be caused by coins in the drum baffles


Dries Slowly

  • Check the dryer vent hose for blockage
  • Clean the lint filter


Gets too hot

  • Thermostat may need replacement
  • Be sure the lint filter is well-seated to prevent outside air from entering and causing the thermostats to over-work
  • Cabinet gets hot to the touch but clothes are not dry
    • Check the dryer venting for kinks and blockages

Whirlpool Refrigerators

Tip: be sure to clean condenser coils and vent frequently. 

LA Fixit has successfully completed over 20,000 repairs, including a large number of Whirlpool refrigerator repairs. We’ve gathered a list of most common issues and possible solutions that could help you troubleshoot your fridge and possibly avoid the service call or a costly repair all together.

If you refrigerator is too warm

  • Check the temperature settings
    • Be sure that door has not been open or closed frequently during the past 30 min
    • New load of food recently stored
    • Cooked food too hot when stored
    • Evaporator coils not clean
  • Condenser fan may not be working
  • Evaporator fan may not be spinning
  • Defrost system may have failed.


Strange Noises

  • Clattering sound from underneath
    • Check for a piece of paper that may be stuck in the condenser fan
  • Screeching sound, the evaporator fan bearing may be starting to seize up

Refer to your owner’s manual for additional troubleshooting tips on your specific model.

Other Whirlpool Appliances

For information on repairing Whirlpool Range, oven, dishwasher, cooktop and all other appliances, pls contact LAFixit customer care.

Speak to one of our service techs or schedule an appointment.



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I was surprised at how quickly they sent out John, the technician. He identified the problem with my washing machine. He told me he had to go get the part and would return in a couple of hours. He did a great job; & it’s working better than ever.