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LAFixit – Your Local Appliance Repair Company.

LAfixit technicians, on average, have over 10 years experience repairing the following Samsung appliances:


Samsung refrigerator and icemaker.

Typical refrigerator repair issues our technicians tackle on a daily basis:

  • Refrigerator is not cooling or is actually blowing warm air when you open it
  • Icemaker is not making ice or producing very much less than it did before
  • Compressor is making noise Refrigerator ice maker is leaking water

Samsung oven

  • Top three common issues our customers report having with Samsung gas and electric ovens.
  • Pilot light keeps going out
  • Oven is not heating adequately or is not holding the Set temperature Arvind does not turn on completely

Samsung dishwasher

Samsung dishwashers are popular appliances mostly due to their lower cost and attractive design but they have three common problems Associated with electronic components that don’t seem to last much longer past the factory warranty period:

  • First is main computer board failure. Customers typically report power issues such as unable to turn on the dishwasher but our technicians often find that after replacing the main computer board appliance starts working just fine.
  • Dishwasher does not completed the full cycle. Again this issue related to the computer board which usually needs to be replaced although in certain cases it can be fixed.
  • Third and dishwasher gets clogged, Does not drain water or does not pump water which is usually a sign that the pump itself needs to be replaced.

Samsung washer

Samsung washers and dryers are fairly reliable appliances that tend to work on average a few years longer After the original factory warranty expiration date. However they also have a few issues to watch out for:

LAfixit Appliance repair company receives over 1000 service call requests for Samsung washers every year for the following problems:

  • Pump suction/draining issues.
  • Washer does not turn on.
  • Washing machine does not complete full cycle.

Most frequent Samsung dryer repairs:

  • The dryer there’s not turn on but it’s not an electrical issue.
  • Drum makes it a loud noise when spinning.
  • No heat, clothe is still wet after going through full cycle.

Common Samsung stove Service call requests.

Stove is making clicking sounds after it has been lit

The stove does not light up.

What cities do we service?

LA fix said is happy to offer a Samsung appliances repair services in the city of Los Angeles and surrounding areas. For a full list of cities please check our service coverage area here.

If you did not see your city listed please contact LA fix it customer service number and will do our best to assist you.


How much does it cost to repair or service?

The short answer is we are unable to give you an estimate over the phone even when you know which part needs to be replaced Due to the fact that multiple parts can fail at the same time and the pricing for parts also depends on the rates set by our authorized Samsung parts suppliers.

How quickly can you repair my Samsung appliance?

Most of our technicians specializing in Samsung appliance repairs have all the spare parts needed to complete the repair the same day. In some cases the part may be out of stock and need to be ordered from the supplier in which case the pricing may be affected by shipping costs depending on the urgency of the repair work. Our technicians will always explain you available options and offer you opportunity to save money by choosing 2 day shipping instead of same day shipping for example.

Why choose LA fix it as your Samsung appliance repair company?

LAfix it is a small family operated business with local technicians in almost every city in Los Angeles county. Local means fast and in most cases we are able to send a technician the same day you call us and perform the repair work on the spot.  Our service call is very low and because it’s waived with repairs we can save you a lot of money compared to manufacturer. Authorized appliance repair companies are hard to find so if you’re having trouble with your appliance and warranty has already expired your best bet is to call LA fix it today!


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Reviewer: Patrick B.

What a great experience. From the delightful woman I spoke to on the phone to make an appointment, to Michael, the superb technician who came to the house. The pricing was very reasonable (only $45.00 for the house call, which will be credited to any work that may need to be done)to the fact they are…