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You’re Going to Love L.A. FixIt Freezer Repair Services

Of all the appliances you use every single day, it’s likely that the one you think about the least is your freezer. It’s just something that hums along in the background of your life and helps you preserve food. Unlike most other appliances, freezers don’t feature many bells and whistles or do anything that could be considered exciting.

However, as soon as you realize your freezer has stopped working properly, your entire attitude will change. Suddenly it will be the only thing that you can think about.

Do you Need a New Freezer

An amazing number of people think that any little problem they encounter means that they have to invest in a brand new freezer. While it’s possible that you may need a new unit, especially if your is 20 years old, it’s not a forgone conclusion. In most cases, a simple freezer repair will be all that’s needed to get your current appliance up and running. Once the repair work has been completed, you should be able to get several more years of uninterrupted use from your freezer.

Give Us a Call!

As soon as you notice that your ice cream seems to be getting soft or that you’re freezer has been making strange noises, you need to contact LA FixIt. Don’t ignore the problem. It’s not going to go away and will probably get even worse.

We offer extensive freezer repair services which include:

  • Freezers that have started to leak
  • Replace/repair broken temperature controls
  • Repair/replacement of broken components
  • Replace broken doors
  • Find new racks to replace ones that have worn out
  • Change door seals
  • Fill with freon
  • Investigate and repair strange units
  • Replace damaged power cords

We have a highly skilled team of freezer repair experts standing by who can repair all kinds of makes and models. Every day we provide:

  • Bosch Freezer repair
  • Kenmore freezer repair
  • Walk-in freezer repair
  • Commercial freezer repair
  • Residential freezer repair
  • GE freezer repair
  • Whirlpool freezer repair
  • LG freezer repair

Residential Freezer Repair

We happily provide residential freezer repair, but we think it’s only fair to inform you that there are some things you can do to help keep your freezer running smoothly.

We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve gone to someone’s house because they said their freezer wasn’t functioning properly only to find that the freezer was actually working properly, but had been so stuffed full of food that the cold air couldn’t circulate. Not only should you not overfill your freezer, but make sure you don’t accidentally block the vents at the back of the unit which are responsible for filling the appliance with frosty air.

Don’t ignore the frost building up in the interior of your freezer. At least twice a year, you’re going to want to remove everything from the appliance, unplug the unit, and give the frost a chance to thaw. The entire process takes less than a half and hour so your food won’t have a chance to thaw. Not only will your freezer work better after you’ve defrosted it, but you’re also going to find that you have more cubic space available for storage. This is a great opportunity to get rid of any really old, freezer burned food you might have forgotten about.

While you’re waiting for the freezer to defrost, you should pull the unit clear of the wall, and thoroughly clean the heating unit, which attracts dust and pet hair. The more debris the heating unit collects, the harder your freezer has to work, and the higher your monthly electrical bill will be.

Here at LA FixIt we do more than simply offer residential freezer repair. We can also handle routine maintenance work as well.

Commercial Freezer Repair

We take a great deal of pride in the fact that we’ll repair any freezer. It doesn’t matter if it’s residential freezer or a commercial freezer. We offer business owners same day, emergency service. When you contact us about getting your commercial  freezer repaired you can rest assured that the technician we send to your business will be quick, accurate, and completely professional. They will also be very discrete and complete the job without disturbing your employees or customers.

As a business owner you already have a huge number of concerns occupying your time. We don’t think that maintaining your freezers should be something you have to be bothered about, which is why we offer to handle your freezer’s maintenance needs for you. Having us check out your commercial freezers once or twice a year not only keeps them in perfect working order, but will also ensure that they remain energy efficient.

Contact L.A. Fix It and Experience the Best Freezer Repair of your Life

When it comes to freezer repair, we don’t believe in cutting corners. Not only do we have the best team of professional freezer repair technicians you will ever find,  we make sure that the person who answers the phone is very knowledgeable. As soon as you call you will be able to get honest responses to any questions you have, get an estimate you can trust, and set up an appointment. For minor problems, our staff person who takes your call will provide you with the information you need to fix your freezer by yourself.

Not only do we have a highly trained team of professionals who excel at all types of freezer repair, but we make sure they have the best possible replacement parts. The combination of skill and good parts makes it possible for us to guarantee all of the work that we do. In addition to handling the immediate repair problem, our repair expert will also provide you with useful maintenance tips that you can use to prevent future emergencies.

When you contact us about

Our phone is answered by an actual person, not a machine, 24/7. The sooner you call, the sooner we can get your freezer up and running again.

We look forward to hearing from you.



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Reviewer: Patrick B

What a great experience. From the delightful woman I spoke to on the phone to make an appointment, to Michael, the superb technician who came to the house. The pricing was very reasonable (only $45.00 for the house call, which will be credited to any work that may need to be done)to the fact they are open on Saturday’s! Michael was also kind enough to call 20 minutes before arriving, he was also well within the 2 hour window. Along with the great work, he had excellent suggestions regarding our appliance (in the case the refrigerator). We would not hesitate to uses LA FIXIT again!

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