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Sub-Zero refrigerator repair Los Angeles

LA Fixit Repairs the following models of Sub-Zero Refrigerators, Freezers, Wine Coolers, and Ice Makers

Sub-Zero 200 Series


Sub Zero under counter refrigerator and freezer
211 RFD
241 RFD

Sub-Zero 300 Series


subzero 300 series refrigerator and icemaker

Sub-Zero 400 Series


sub zero 427 wine cooler repair

Sub-Zero 500 Series


sub zero 550 refrigerator repair500

Sub-Zero 600 Series


sub zero 6xx refrigerator repair

601R & 601RG
611 & 611G
648 PRO
650 & 650G

Sub-Zero 700 Series


Subzero 700 series refrigerator repair
700 BFI
700 BR
700 TCI
700 TFI
700 TR-2

Homeowners across California choose Sub-Zero appliances for their homes. Although the brand is a trusted one, as it goes with any brand, its appliance needs regular maintenance and in some cases, repairs, depending on usage. LA Fixit offers high-quality repair services for most Sub-Zero appliances including:

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Wine Coolers
  • Ice Makers

Added Value

Due to its unique design, Sub-Zero® has two compressors. One compressor is for refrigeration and the other for freezing, which puts less of a load on a single compressor and helps the appliance last longer. Additionally, the separate compressors improve food quality by keeping fresh foods chilled and frozen foods in the dry, frigid air.

Fruits such as peaches, apples, and melons put out ethylene gas. This gas affects other foods by accelerating spoilage and creating bitterness, wilting, and discoloration of other produce. Sub-Zero® appliances have a patented air-filtration system that removes these gasses as well as bacteria, mold, and viruses.

Combined with the one-piece construction of their doors that include extra-heavy insulation, magnetic gaskets, and tight hinges, when these doors are closed, they create a vacuum. The microprocessor control system monitors both the refrigerator and freezer sections for optimal temperatures and alarms can be set to sound if a door or drawer is left open.

When Sub-Zero Repairs are Needed

On top of every kitchen remodel list is a new refrigerator, and not just any refrigerator, preferably a Sub-Zero® fridge. Known for their quality, durability, and styling, these appliances lend themselves to any décor. The sleek designs come in stainless steel, glass fronts, and natural or painted panels to match other cabinetry. Sub-Zero® offers many styles and models to choose from, including built-in, over-and-under, column freezers, under-counter, and wine storage. They are easy to clean and are built to last for many years to come. With Sub-Zero® appliances, your fresh food will stay fresh longer and frozen foods will last 2-3 times as long, saving you money and food loss.

Although these features offer a great deal of added value, yet even the best of appliances may need maintenance or work from time to time. These appliances are of the highest quality and materials; keep in mind that these units contain a lot of high-end technology.

One of the most important things to remember when needing work done on any Sub-Zero® appliance is to make sure to use a factory repair person or an authorized Sub-Zero repair service dealer. Not only will this ensure you are receiving the best service, but you can rest assured that genuine or approved Sub-Zero® parts will be used. Sub-Zero® technicians will provide you with the peace of mind that the problem will be resolved in a timely and professional manner and the work is warrantied.

Expert Sub-Zero Repair Services

Sub-Zero® technicians receive extensive training and are very knowledgeable on the state-of-the-art technology of these appliances. This gives them the advantage of identifying the problem, being able to explain it and offer repair options. They will fix it right the first time.

Before calling for any repair service on your Sub-Zero® refrigerator, Sub-Zero® suggests you become familiar with the owner’s manual and try to troubleshoot the problem by using the suggested solutions. If you are in need of technical assistance, call Customer Service and request to speak to a technician. Often, they can walk you through some common troubleshooting techniques before determining if they need to schedule a tech.

Although Sub-Zero® maintains accurate records of customer purchases, keep your warranty in a safe place. Taping an envelope with this information to the side or back of the refrigerator can expedite your warranty repairs and possibly save you several hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerators seem to go out when least expected. Sub-Zero® repair experts understand the importance of restoring the use of the fridge and prevent hundreds of dollars of food loss. If you do schedule an appointment, they will make every attempt to schedule same-day service. Although our technicians make every attempt to carry most of the parts, occasionally there may be the need to order it. 

They maintain a wide network of resources and will be able to expedite the delivery of the parts to complete the repair in a timely and cost-effective manner. Please refer to the owner’s manual for a complete list of trouble codes and how to troubleshoot. Below are some tips, taken from the owner’s manual to help you troubleshoot some of the more common problems you may experience:

No lights or cooling.

  • Verify power is on.
  • Verify electrical power to the unit and the home circuit breaker is on.

No lights in the refrigerator or freezer.

  • Door/drawer may have been left ajar which has disabled lights to eliminate excess heat. If lights are out, close the door/drawer for one hour. If lights are still out, contact Sub-Zero factory certified service.
  • LED interior lighting must be replaced by Sub-Zero factory certified service.

Frost, condensation, or ice buildup inside the unit.

  • Verify condenser is clean.
  • Verify door/drawer is closing properly.
  • Verify door/drawer has not been left ajar.
  • Verify door/drawer gasket does not have rips or tears. If it does, contact Sub-Zero factory certified service. • If icing is heavy, turn the unit off and use a hairdryer to melt ice. The hairdryer should be set on low and kept moving at all times. Once the ice has melted, wipe up water with a cloth or paper towel.

High temperatures, unit runs excessively, or unit giving off too much heat.

  • Verify condenser is clean.
  • Verify door/drawer is closing properly.
  • Verify the door/drawer has not been left ajar.
  • Increased ambient temperatures may cause compressors to run longer.
  • If the temperature display shows 38° and 0°, but is not cooling, the unit may be in showroom mode.

No water from the dispenser.

  • Wait one hour, then try the dispenser again.

High temperatures, unit runs excessively, or unit giving off too much heat.

  • Verify the condenser is clean.
  • Verify the door/drawer is closing properly.
  • Verify the door/drawer has not been left ajar.
  • Increased ambient temperatures may cause compressors to run longer.
  • If temperature display shows 38° and 0°, but is not cooling, unit may be in showroom mode

No ice.

  • Verify the ice cube indicator appears in the control panel display.
  • Verify the ice maker has been on for at least 24 hours.
  • Verify the freezer temperature near 0°F.
  • Verify the ice container is properly installed.
  • Verify the ice maker arm in the down position.
  • Verify the water is being supplied to the unit.
  • Verify the water filter has been replaced within the last 12 months and installed properly.
  • Verify the water filter has been removed if a reverse osmosis filtration system is being utilized. Blue or green ice. • Possible copper supply line corrosion. Contact a plumber to clean or replace.

Black flecks in cubes.

  • Stop use and contact Sub-Zero factory certified service.

Bad taste.

  • Defrost freezer and clean with soap and water.
  • Place coffee grounds or charcoal briquettes in the freezer to absorb odor.

Hollow cubes. • Clean condenser.


  • Unit should be cleaned before using for the first time. This will clear any odors that may have been trapped during shipping.
  • Replace air purification cartridge.
  • Clean unit and shelving thoroughly. • Uncovered food could create odor which may require cleaning

For more information on Sub-Zero repair service, contact LA Fixit Customer Care, at 877-523-4923. One of our experts will answer all your questions. 

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