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Traulsen Appliances is celebrating 75 years of excellent craftsmanship, performance and trustworthy service.  Having won “Best in Class” 12 times since 2001, whether it’s a blast chiller, hot-food holding cabinet, prep table or refrigerator/freezer. Traulsen refrigerators and freezers are durable and built to last many years. Their sleek, functional designs fit into any commercial kitchen concept, are easy to keep clean and organized. Relocating equipment or simply moving it around to clean behind it or down the sides is easily accomplished with the heavy-duty casters included on each appliance.

Energy Star Partner since 2008

It does not get any better than this! When Chef Gordon Ramsey endorses Traulsen products in his kitchen makeovers, you know you are getting the best in the class!

The name Traulsen is recognized worldwide for its high-quality commercial and institutional grade equipment.  As an industry leader designing energy-efficient commercial refrigeration, Traulsen has been an Energy Star Partner since 2008 and recently won the prestigious Partner of the Year Award for Sustained Excellence.  This not only signifies energy efficiency, but is testimony to Traulsen’s commitment to saving you money AND saving the environment. Traulsen takes pride in manufacturing refrigerators that earn the Energy Star label. Traulsen is constantly seeking to improve the energy-efficiency level of its products in order to meet the most stringent codes and regulations. One of the biggest benefits to any commercial food establishment with Traulsen equipment is the advanced temperature control system – this system not only saves you energy costs, but, will help reduce waste and increase your yields. With Traulsen, you never have to worry about food freshness, taste or safety. Once set, these units will maintain the temperatures, hot or cold, until you change them.

In addition to the Energy Star rating, each Traulsen appliance now comes with a 3 year Parts & Labor Warranty, extending the warranty on the compressor to 5 years!

Traulsen appreciates the fact that when dealing with refrigeration and freezers, time is of the essence if repairs are necessary. Thousands of dollars in food costs are at stake when refrigeration goes down.

LAFixit’s Professional Repair Technicians

Our expert refrigeration repair technicians at LAFixit understand the impact of long-term outages or down time.  Our factory-trained technicians will schedule same day service (whenever possible) and get your equipment in top working condition in the timeliest manner.  Although we make every effort to keep the best stock of parts on hand for repairs, occasionally parts may have to be or ordered. LAFixit maintains a wide network of suppliers and distributors, ensuring that the part will be received promptly and they are able to complete the repair expeditiously.

LAFixit Delivers the Best Service You Deserve

You have an investment in your Traulsen equipment. You deserve only the very best when it comes to maintenance and repair – don’t trust your repairs to a handyman. Contact LAFixit and talk to one of experienced Traulsen repair technicians. LAFixit hires only the best technicians; we train them to factory specifications so they are well equipped to diagnose and repair any of the Traulsen products:

  • Blast Chillers
  • Dual Tem Units
  • Hot Food Holding Cabinets
  • Prep Tables
  • Refrigerators/Freezers
  • Milk Coolers
  • Special Units servicing hospitals to hospitality



Traulsen offers all their Owner’s Manuals online. These manuals are easy to understand and will guide you through setting up your new appliance. Your installation technician will walk you through some basic set up and the manual will take you through various processes, i.e. setting the temperature, defrost cycles, time, date, the room temperature offset and your micro-processor controls, all in very simple, step- by-step graphics.  You will also find parts that are owner replaceable, saving you a service call.  In every manual, a troubleshooting section specific to your model is located near the back.  Traulsen suggests you visit this section and try to identify the problem before calling for service. Below is a quick guide to some of the more common problems with refrigerators/freezers:


Condensing unit fails to start.
  1. Check if cord & plug has been disconnected
  2. Check control temperature setting.


Condensing unit operates for prolonged periods or continuously
  1. Are doors closing properly
  2. Dirty condenser or filter?
  3. Clean properly
Evaporator coil iced
  1. Needs to defrost. See instructions for setting a manual defrost cycle
Food compartment is too warm
  1. Check door(s) and gasket(s) for proper seal
  2. Perhaps a large quantity of warm food has recently been added or the door was kept open for a long period of time, in both cases, allow adequate time for the cabinet to recover its normal operating temperature
  3. Control setting too high, readjust per instructions
  4. Check that condensing coil is clean
Food compartment is too cold
  1. Perhaps a large quantity of very cold or frozen food has recently been added. Allow adequate time for the cabinet to recover its normal operating temperature.
  2. Adjust the control to a warmer setting
Condensation on the exterior surface
  1. Check door alignment and gaskets for proper seal
  2. Condensation on the exterior surface of the unit is perfectly normal during periods of high humidity
Compressor hums but does not start
  1. Call for service
No Power To Unit
  1. Check if cord & plug has been disconnected
  2. Check power supply breaker
  3. Check ON/OFF switch


The professionals at LAFixit are standing by, ready to assist you if you are unsure on how to proceed. Call LA Fixit Customer Care at 877-523-4923 if you need assistance or problems persist and talk to one of our experts. Let the professionals take care of your Traulsen while you take care of business.



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Reviewer: Ellina I.

Paul from the LA fixit did a great job fixing my AC, fixed thermostat and recharged freon ( hope that’s a right term), so my AC is cooling fine now. I asked for an early appointment and the most great thing that the Paul show up on time, so I was able to get to work on time as well. I recommend this company.