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Thermador – Eleven decades of innovation and performance

No true cook’s kitchen is complete without a Thermador™ stove, range or cooktop. Thermador™ has been an industry leader providing technologically innovative appliances to the public for almost a century. As part of the BSH Home Appliances Corporation, they are the third largest appliance manufacturer in the world. So it’s not a coincidence that LA Fixit specializes in Thermador  range / stove repair, rangetop and cooktop repair, oven and double oven repair, refrigerator and freezer repair. In short, LA FIXIT appliance repair company works on all Thermador™ appliances and we do it quickly and efficiently.

From its founding in 1916, manufacturing portable and built-in heaters to the newest patented Star® burner that reduces cooking time by 50%, Thermador has been enabling cooking enthusiasts to be their best through these innovative breakthroughs. Here is a brief timeline of Thermador’s successful accomplishments over the last 99 years:

The brand that invented the wall oven continues to reimagine the possibilities

1916- Thermador was founded, started manufacturing portable and built in heaters

1932-Thermador begins to manufacture appliances

1947-Introduction of first wall oven and cooktop – introduction of stainless steel to appliances

1948-Introduction of first ”Pro” range for residential use

1952-Introduction of the first warming drawer

1963-Introduction of the first self-cleaning oven

1970- Corning invents smooth cooktop and Thermador is the first to use in its appliances

1976- Introduction of first speed cooking oven that uses thermal/microwave to cook food 35% faster

1982-Introduction of the super burner

1987-Introduction of the first sealed gas burner – providing more even heat

1994-Introduction of the extra low burner- simmers without burning

1998- Introduction of patented Star® burner – unique heat distribution

2002-Introduction of the jet impingement oven – uses air & microwave-reduces cooking time by 75%

2006-Introduction of first convection warming drawer

2008- Introduction of sensor dome- temperature sensing of cookware and automatic adjustments to cook time and temp

2009-Introduction of first induction cooktop with sensor technology

2010- Introduction of steam/convection ovens – healthier preparation of foods


Thermador’s wide selection of ranges, range tops, ovens, cooktops, warming drawers, refrigerators and microwaves offers the culinary aficionados some of the best n cooking equipment. With oversized cooking capacities and revolutionary built-in steam/convection cooking, the texture, taste and quality of foods are unsurpassed. Thermador appliances offer the quintessence of opulence and versatility in the kitchen.

LAFixit is your to-go-to appliance repair company for all Thermador cooking and refrigeration appliances.  Our factory-trained professionals understand your urgency. They will make every effort to provide you same-day service to get your appliance back up and running. Although LAFixit maintains a good inventory of parts, occasionally, they may have to order a part. With their wide network of suppliers and parts distributors, receiving the parts is never a problem.

Choosing Quality Repairs

By choosing LAFixit, you will be receiving the quality parts and service you deserve with the additional peace of mind knowing that your appliance was repaired correctly.  Your satisfaction and our work are always guaranteed with LAFixit.

As one of repair service centers, the professional repair technicians at LAFixit  have received extensive training and are familiar with the quality and nuances of their high-end equipment. This allows them to identify the problem, explain it and offer repair options. They have the knowledge, ability and willingness to repair your appliance right the first time.

Thermador products are manufactured from the finest materials and are held to the highest production standards. Sometimes, even with the best, things can go wrong. When they do, rest assured that as one of its repair service companies, LAFixit will be there to get you going again.



Prior to calling LAFixit, Thermador suggest for owners to read their manuals and review the troubleshooting guides.  Below is a quick reference to some of the most common problems and tips on resolving the issues. If you need some assistance, call one of our technicians; they will be able to talk you through some basic checks and determine if a service call is necessary.

– IMPORTANT NOTE – If the range does not operate properly, follow these troubleshooting steps:

·         If your unit is electric, and is not coming on, check the breaker box for tripped breakers –

NOTE: If breaker trips immediately upon reset, DO NOT attempt to reset again-contact LAFixit immediately

·         Verify that electrical power is reaching the range –if breaker stays on, check for lights or heat

·         If nuisance clicking occurs when power is supplied to the range, check the electrical outlet for reverse polarity – do not attempt this if you are not sure how to do this safely

·         If your unit is gas, check the gas supply connections.  Check to make sure that the installation has been completed correctly

·         Check the gas supply shut-off valve – make sure it is in the open position

If any of these problems persist, contact LAFixit. Do not attempt to repair the range yourself as you may become exposed to very high voltage.

Make LAFixit your only choice for Thermador appliance repairs.

  • LA Fixit professionals are factory trained technicians- No matter where you’re at in the Los Angeles area, our techs are only minutes away
  • LAFixit will provide same-day service whenever possible
  • LAFixit will waive the Service Call with Repair
  • LAFixit guarantees 100% satisfaction-if LAFixit doesn’t fix it  the first time, we’ll do everything we can to make it right
  • LAFixit gives you peace of mind so you can relax-We’re licensed, bonded and insured, plus we perform drug and background checks on all employees

Local Customers Deserve Local Service

No matter where you are at in the Los Angeles Metro area, our local technicians are located throughout your neighborhood to serve you better and faster!

If the problem persists, contact LA Fixit Customer Care, at 877-523-4923 and talk to one of professional repair technicians to schedule an appointment.






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