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Cheviot Hills,ca appliance repairLa Fixit Appliance Repair services entire West LA – Westside area including Cheviot Hills, CA. We Repair all brands, makes and models including Viking Appliances, Sub-Zero Refrigerators, Wolf Ranges, Thermador, Dacor, DCS Ovens and Stoves, Fisher Paykel, Bosch, Miele and Asko washers, dryers and dishwashers.


Refrigerator Repair in Cheviot Hills:

Refrigerator Repair Cheviot Hills, CA

Much like a faulty freezer, a refrigerator that fails to work as it should can cost you large amounts of money if you are forced to throw out food that has spoiled, and the Southern California heat only accelerates this process. Both home and business owners can rest assured after contacting us here at Cheviot Hills Refrigerator Repair that they will receive an honest, fair estimate and honest, good work to restore their refrigerator.

Dishwasher Repair in Cheviot Hills:

Dishwasher Repair Cheviot Hills, CA There may be nothing more frustrating than an uncooperative dishwasher. No one likes to waste time and money running countless washes to get your dishes clean. That’s where we come in. Rest assured, our experienced Dishwasher repair professionals will ensure that your dishwasher is running as good as new once more.


Dryer Repair in Cheviot Hills:

Dryer Repair company Cheviot Hills, CAIn the Los Angeles area, when your dryer isn’t working correctly, there’s no such thing as letting your clothes “air dry”. The dense LA air pollution would ensure that your freshly cleaned clothes would be considerably dirty by the time they were dry. Allow our Cheviot Hills Appliance Repair service professionals come give you a quote and estimate upon an inspection so that you can decide if it would be more sensible to repair or replace.


Freezer Repair in Cheviot Hills:

freezer repair Cheviot Hills, CA

A broken freezer could mean hundreds of dollars worth of food being painfully thrown right into the trash, especially when exposed to Southern California heat. When your freezer starts making those dreaded funny noises and fails to preserve your food, give us a call. Whether it be commercial or residential, our skilled Cheviot Hills Appliance Repair professionals will identify the problem and make sure that your freezer is up and running as soon as possible.


Garbage Disposal Repair in Cheviot Hills:

If your garbage disposal has stopped working properly, give us a call day or night to speak to a service representative who may be able to identify if the problem is a quick fix that you can do yourself, or something that requires a service professional. If it is the latter, an experienced Cheviot Hills Appliance repair tech will arrive as soon as possible and address the problem for you.


Ice Maker Repair in Cheviot Hills:

icemaker repair Cheviot Hills, CA

For most Westside area businesses, a broken ice maker could be more than just a small inconvenience. It’s hard to enjoy a room-temperature beverage. That’s why here at Cheviot Hills Ice Maker Repair, we make sure that your ice maker is fixed as soon, and at as little cost to you, as possible.


Oven Repair in Cheviot Hills:

oven repair Cheviot Hills, CA

For those of you who prefer a delicious home-cooked meal or dessert over a night out at one of LA’s wonderful restaurants, your oven may be one of, if not the most, important appliance in your kitchen. Give our 24/7 help line a call to speak with a Cheviot Hills Oven Repair representative to receive an estimate and set up an appointment for a repair tech to come take care of your appliance.


Range Hood Repair:

The range hood is responsible for removing any smoke or odors from the air in your kitchen. If it fails to work, your kitchen and most likely your entire home will be filled with smoke in the air that will make it not only unpleasant, but difficult to breathe while you cook. The problem could be something as simple as buildup from usage over time, or it could be something more serious. In any case, you can trust your Cheviot Hills Range Hood Repair professionals to ensure that your range hood will work correctly once again and allow you to breathe comfortably in your home.


Stove Repair in Cheviot Hills:

Stove Repair Cheviot Hills, CAWhen your stove stops working as it should, you may panic at the thought of the amount of money you may need to spend ordering in or heading out for dinner. Those who own restaurants know that a faulty stove means a big blow to business. Call our 24/7 customer service line to receive a quote and estimation and make an appointment to allow one of our professionals come and take a look in order to determine what needs to be done to get your stove up and running once more.


Washing Machine Repair in Cheviot Hills:

washer repair Cheviot Hills, CAA broken washing machine may leave you with no choice but to take a trip to your local laundromat, costing you money that will add up after just a few trips. Not to mention that no one likes to spend their day or night in a laundromat waiting for their clothes to finish. However, have no fear, your Cheviot Hills Washer repair tech will be happy to assist you in identifying and addressing the problem, saving you from the dreaded trips to the laundromat.



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