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One of the most important things to remember when it comes to Viking appliance repair is to make sure you use a factory repair or authorized repair service dealer. This will ensure that you receive genuine Viking or other approved parts. Using an authorized repair dealer will ensure that your Viking appliance, whether a range, oven, dishwasher, ice maker, or refrigerator, is receiving the best service and attention while providing you the peace of mind knowing that the problem will be resolved in a timely and professional manner.

LA FixIt Specializes in Viking Appliance Repair

Our technicians have received extensive training and are familiar with the quality and nuances of these high-end machines. This allows them to identify the problem, and quickly prepare an estimate or suggest other options. They have the knowledge, ability, and willingness to repair your appliance right the first time.

Viking products are made from the finest materials and are held to the highest production standards. Sometimes, even with the best, things can go wrong. When they do, rest assured that Viking or one of its repair service companies would be there to get you going again.

Before calling to schedule repair service for Viking appliances, Viking suggests you review the owner’s manual and try to troubleshoot the problem by using the suggested solutions. If you are not sure how to proceed, call Customer Service and request technical assistance. Often, a technician can talk you through several troubleshooting techniques before determining if a repair visit is necessary.

Keep your warranty handy. One good way to do this is to tape a zip-lock bag to the back or side of the appliance (away from any heat source). Store the warranty documents, and purchase receipts together. This is important in the event you need service and the repair person needs verification of the warranty.

Viking Refrigerator, Freezer, Ice Maker, and Ice Machine Repair

Refrigerators seem to have minds of their own and always seem to go out at the most inopportune time. Viking authorized repair service dealers to understand the potential for hundreds of dollars of food loss. Whenever possible, they will schedule same-day service and send their highly trained technicians to get your refrigerator up and running again. Although they make every attempt to carry most of the parts, occasionally parts may need to be ordered. With their wide network of resources, they can rush the parts and complete the repair in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Below are some common problems that you may be able to troubleshoot on your own:

The refrigerator will not operate

  • Make sure the power cord is plugged in
  • Test the outlet (plug in a lamp or other small appliance)
  • Check the household fuse/ circuit breaker to see if it tripped

The motor seems to be running non-stop

How to troubleshoot this problem? First answer these questions :

  • Is the room temperature high?
  • have you just added a large food load?
  • Are doors open often?

If your answer is “NO” to the above questions and the problem persists, call one of our repair technicians to schedule an appointment. Allow 24 hours following the repair for the refrigerator to cool completely.

Note: Adjusting the temperature controls to the coldest setting will not cool either compartment more quickly.

Viking Range, Stove, and Oven Repair

While microwaves may be great for heating or reheating food, trying to prepare an entire meal for a family in one can be a challenge. Viking appliance repair technicians understand the importance of being able to cook and are there to assist you when the need arises. Viking suggests you try to troubleshoot some of the more common problems by referring to the user’s manual. If you are not sure how to proceed, contact Customer Service and request to talk to a technician.

Below are some tips on resolving some common issues:

  • Cake burned on the side or not done in the middle
  • Oven too hot, Wrong pan size, Too many pans

Solution: Reduce temperature, use correct pan size, reduce the number of pans

  • Cakes are not level
  • Batter uneven, oven or rack not level, pan is warped

Solution: Distribute batter evenly, Level oven or rack, Use proper pan

  • Food too brown on the bottom
  • The oven door opened too often
  • Dark pans being used
  • Incorrect rack position
  • Wrong bake setting
  • Pan too large

Solution: Use door window to check food, Use shiny pans, Use recommended rack position, Adjust setting, Use proper pan

For additional common problems, please refer to your Viking range repair manual. If these or other problems persist, call one of our repair technicians to schedule an appointment.

Viking Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers are an essential part of any lifestyle. When they go down, they can make a big mess. Viking appliance repair technicians will identify and repair the problem in a timely and professional manner. Viking suggests you attempt to troubleshoot some of the more common problems by referring to your user’s manual. If the problems persist, call one of our professionally trained technicians to schedule an appointment. While they make every effort to keep parts in stock, occasionally parts may need to be ordered.

Below are some tips on troubleshooting some of the more common issues:


  • Make sure the dishwasher is turned on and the door is closed securely.
  • Make sure the DELAY option is not turned on.
  • Check that the water supply is connected properly and the water is turned on.
  • Make sure the power cord is properly plugged into the wall socket.
  • Check your fuse box for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker.


If the dishwasher is taking in too much water, the drainage pump starts automatically. If the water, in spite of this, is not drained off, it may be caused by one of the following:

  • THE FILTER IS CLOGGED: Lift out the coarse strainer and empty it. Place back in the dishwasher before starting.
  • THE PUMP IS BLOCKED: Pieces of bone or other foreign particles might be stuck in the drainage pump. (refer to owner’s manual for additional information)
  • THE DRAIN HOSE IS CLOGGED: Check for blockages
  • THE DRAIN HOSE IS KINKED: Check to make sure that there are no folds or sharp bends in the drain hose

For more information, please call 877-523-4923 or contact us. One of our experts will answer all your questions.

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