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Invest in True ® Commercial Refrigeration 

True ® manufacturing has been offering some of the best quality in commercial refrigeration to the food and hospitality industries for over 70 years. Commitment to providing the most efficient and state-of-the-art technology in their appliances is their total approach to manufacturing and performance, providing a smaller carbon footprint. Their appliances provide the food industry food safety, efficiency, cost savings and higher yields.


True ® offers a complete line of refrigeration and freezers as shown below:

Traditional Walk In Horizontal Freezers
Milk Coolers Dipping Cabinets
Chef Bases Solid Door Refrigerators
Food Prep Tables Solid Door Freezers
Under-counter Units Glass Door Refrigerators
Glass Door Merchandisers Glass Door Freezers
Display Cases Under-bar Refrigeration
Air Curtains

True ®is the #1 manufacturer of glass door merchandisers. Some of the best features are:

  • High Capacity, factory-balanced refrigeration system that maintains cabinet temperatures of 33oF to 38 o F (.5oC to 3.3oC) for the best food preservation
  • Exterior – non-peel or chip black laminated vinyl; durable and permanent
  • Interior – attractive, NSF approved, white aluminum interior liner with stainless steel floor
  • Doors that are self-closing; positive seal, torsion type closure system
  • Double pane, “Low-E”, thermal insulated glass door assembles with extruded aluminum frames; the latest in energy efficient technology.
  • Frame rail fitted with leg levelers and rollers
  • Totally foamed in place cabinet structure using ecomate®, a high-density polyurethane insulation that has zero (ODP)ozone depletion potential  and zero (GWP)
  • global warming potential Bottom mounted units feature

 Efficiency and sustainability

True ®’s engineers have designed some of the most efficient refrigeration systems, making these appliances an excellent choice for your commercial kitchen. By developing short run times, coldest holding temperatures and lower energy consumptions, resulting in faster product temperatures pulldown and quicker reclamation times. Food preservation is paramount.

True ®’s fan motors have a life expectancy of 15-20 years and are matched with cabinets that will yield the best uniform temperature throughout the unit. Their ecomate ® foam, a CFC-free insulating product is testimony to their commitment for sustainability, providing rigidity, strength and additional insulation factor with zero GWP (global warming potential).

True ®’s commitment to producing only the best quality products manufactured in the U.S.A. is in the final inspection stage, performing test runs of every single model made. Every refrigerator is test-run for 4-6 hours and every freezer for a minimum of 16. Their units come with a standard 5 year warranty on the compressor/condensing unit, in addition to the one year parts and labor. Many of their appliances carry the Energy Star rating, exceeding energy efficiency expectations.

 Troubleshooting Display Codes

True ® units are designed to display codes during certain processes and failures as shown in the table below.

dEF     Defrost in progress hi      Room High temperature alarm
oFF     Controller on Standby Lo     Room  low temperature alarm
do       Door open alarm E  1   Probe T1 failure
t 1       Instant Probe 1 temperature E 2    Probe T2 failure
t 2       Instant Probe 2 temperature E 3    Probe T3 failure
T 3      Instant Probe 1 temperature th 1 Maximum probe 1 temperature recorded
n in     Minutes of the real time clock tLo   Minimum probe 1 temperature recorded
hr 5     Hours of the real time clock Loc   Keypad state lock


If you encounter any of the failure codes, refer to the installation manual for steps that may help clear it up. Several of the manuals are offered in 8 other languages, including Spanish, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Arabic, and Nederland. If the problem persists, LAFixit aretrue ® refrigerator and freezer repair specialists. We believe in fixing it right the first time. Our experianced technicians understand the urgency in getting your commercial appliance up and running as quickly as possible in the event your refrigerator or freezer fails.

Additionally, True ® offers FAQ Technical Questions online with some trouble shooting tips.

Some other common problems that may arise are listed below, as well as a quick-fix troubleshooting guide:

No lights or cooling Verify power is on, power is reaching unit, circuit breaker is on
No lights in Refrigerator or Freezer Door may have been left open; close door, wait 10 minutes and check – if no lights, call for service
Frost/condensation/ice inside unite Verify condenser is cleanVerify door is closing properlyVerify door gasket is not torn
Hi Temp, Unit runs continuously Verify condenser is cleanVerify door is closing properly
Odor Unit should be cleaned before using for first timeClean unit and shelving thoroughlyEnsure all food is covered properly


Call LAFixit for any True Refrigerator or Freezer Repair

Even the best made appliances run into problems occasionally. When they do, LAFixit is your factory-trained professional that will deliver the best in class service for your units. When your refrigeration fails, LAFixit understands that several thousand dollars worth of food loss is at stake. Let us deliver the quality service you deserve for your investment.


When your unit needs to have work done, one of the most important things to remember is to make sure to use a factory repairperson or an authorized repair service dealer. LAFixit will ensure you are receiving the best service and you can rest assured that genuine or approved True ® parts will be used. LAFixit technicians will provide you the peace of mind that the problem will be resolved in a timely and professional manner and the work is warrantied.


Although we makes every attempt to keep a good inventory of parts, occasionally parts may have to be ordered.  Not only does true carry an extensive inventory of parts available for immediate shipment, LAFixit has a wide network of suppliers ready to serve as well.  Our refrigeration repair technicians make every effort to get the part in quickly. They are trained to understand those codes and will schedule an appointment for same day service when possible.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed – they will take care of the problem while you take care of business. 

Contact LAFixit Customer Care at 877-523-4923 if problems persist. 


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