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LAFixit-Your Local ASKO Appliance Repair Professionals

If your environmentally friendly ASKO Dishwasher, Washer, Dryer, Refrigerator, Oven or Cooktop has malfunctioned – it’s time to call LAFixit, your local appliance repair professionals in the LA and surrounding areas. Our professionally trained technicians have been trained to repair your ASKO appliances right the first time.

Best Repair Services for ASKO Appliances

Make LAFixit your #1 choice for all your ASKO appliance repair needs. The trained professionals at LAFixit will provide you AAA repair service AND Customer Service for all your ASKO appliance repairs, including:

Refrigerators – Ovens- Ranges – Range Hoods – Wall Ovens – Electric Cooktops-Dishwashers-Warming Drawers


Our repair specialists are trained to provide you the best repair options at the best prices.

We understand the inconvenience and frustration when an appliance breaks down, especially the potential for food loss. Our goal is to get your appliance up and running in a hassle free manner and restore your peace of mind as well. Call LAFixit anytime-24/7!

We carry over 2000 parts in stock, but occasionally, our techs may have to order a part. Our suppliers will get the part to us in a timely manner so that we may repair your appliance in the shortest amount of time.

For the best ASKO appliance repair call LAFixit at (877) 523-4923

  • We offer same-day service whenever possible
  • We will waive the Service Call with any Repair
  • Your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed
  •  Our techs receive professionally training
  • We  are licensed, bonded and insured

Service Tips

While many problematic parts are not designed to be serviced by the consumer, there some things you can do to try to resolve the issue.  We suggest before calling LAFixit, try some of these troubleshooting tips. Also, refer to your owner’s manual for additional tips.  If the problems persist, Call LAFixit, anytime-24/7!

Make safety your #1 priority!  It doesn’t matter how much money you save if you lose your finger, your sight, or your life.  Don’t jimmy rig anything and watch out for moving parts. Do not attempt any repairs unless you familiar with how to proceed. You can always call LAFixit, anytime-24/7!

ASKO Refrigerator Repair

It feels unusually warm around my ASKO refrigerator door

Older models had electric heaters in the sides to help prevent moisture build up. Look for a switch that may have similar wording as: ‘switch here to prevent moisture…’ or ‘switch here in damp weather’.  Call LAFixit to schedule an appointment.

My ASKO refrigerator is leaking water inside  

This may be due to a plugged defrost drain. Check for any kinks in the drain tubes. Call LAFixit to schedule an appointment.

Will my ASKO refrigerator work in the garage?

Be sure you keep the temperate of the garage below 90o during hot summer month, otherwise the fridge may overheat which could cause permanent damage to the compressor.

ASKO Dryer Repair

Here are some common problems with dryers:

It  doesn’t work at all

  • Check for power
  • Check the venting for blockage
  • Check tripped breaker or blown fuse
  • Check wall outlet for power
  • Door switch may need replacement
  • Thermal fuse may need replacement
  • Timer may need replacement

No heat

  • Defective coils
  • Defective gas valve
  • Igniter may have burned out
  • Flame sensor needs replacement

Long drying time

  • Check venting hose for kinks and blockages
  • Lint accumulation – need to clean regularly
  • Thermostat may need replacement

ASKO Washer Repair

Washing machine is not responding

  • Check to make sure it is plugged in
  • Check for tripped breakers
  • Test the outlet for power
  • Check your water supply valves-make sure they are on
  • Test your lid switch


Here are some energy saving and money saving tips to extend your ASKO Appliance’s life:

  1. Make sure the appliance has been levelled –washers will become imbalanced.
  2. Do not place appliances near open heat sources
  3. Plug your appliance into a well-grounded outlet-avoid extension cords
  4. Clean your dryer’s lint filter after each load to prevent fires and keep your dryer performing efficiently
  5. All dryers should be vented to the outside –clean exhaust system regularly
  6. Do not place rubber or plastic soled shoes or foam-backed rugs in the dryer
  7. Be sure pockets are emptied -Check pockets for crayons, rocks, pens etc before washing
  8. Never overload washers or dryers
  9. Keep refrigerator doors closed tightly – open only when necessary; remove/replace items in fridge in bulk
  10. Clean your appliance with mild soap-avoid chemicals
  11. Read your owner’s manual and operating instructions
  12. Use only flexible metal duct or rigid duct on your ASKO dryer

Contact LAFixit Customer Care – Your Local ASKO Repair Specialists-

Speak to one of our service techs or schedule an appointment.


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