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LG appliances are known for their quality and ingenuity. Their sleek design lets them fit right into any house, making their owners proud to show their guests their laundry rooms and kitchens. LG produces the largest capacity washer in its class, giving you a head start when it comes to doing your laundry by saving you 20 minutes on each load.

But what do you do when your LG refrigerator stops working? Or maybe your LG dishwasher just isn’t getting the dishes as clean as it used to? When these things happen, it time to call the repair man. Fortunately, LA Fixit has been repairing appliances in the greater Los Angeles area for more than 15 years, and we are familiar with all the new models, along with the older ones as well. LA Fixit performs appliance repairs in the West LA, Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley and is always ready to take care of all your appliance repair needs.

LG Studio Stands for Quality

The LG Studio brand brings the best of quality products to your kitchen and home, bringing features and options that are hard to find on other brands. LG quality research and development provides useful and functional features that are not just gimmicks. Their features add to the value of each appliance, allowing you to spend less time in the laundry room, and allowing you to have greater heat control on your LG oven or stove. This will allow you to cook and bake fantastic meals each and every time you prepare meals for your family and friends.

With LG appliances in your house, you are starting out ahead of the pack. All of your household activities, from cooking to cleaning, will be just a little bit more enjoyable, and not to mention much more efficient, giving you more free time to spend with your family.

 LG, Not Just Quality Features, Also Quality Built

LG offers an extensive line of large capacity ovens, with either a gas hookup or electric hookup. One option that LG has made is their EasyClean option to regularly clean the oven. LG has created an enamel covering for the interior of the oven that make cleaning your oven a piece of cake. All you need to do is simply mist the inside of the oven with water, and just let the EasyClean feature take over. It will heat the oven and use the water to release the baked on food. In 20 minutes, all you will need to do is wipe down the interior of the oven, no scrubbing needed, and your oven cleaning chore is done.

For those times when the oven needs a real deep cleaning, there is also the choice of traditional self-cleaning. The combination of the extremely high heat, the water that you sprayed inside the oven, and the high tech enamel coating, makes even the toughest baked on stains virtually fall off the special enamel coating. Did you notice that there is no need to spray harsh chemicals to deep clean the interior of the oven? That’s right, no harsh chemicals. Simply water and heat. You can’t beat that.

Most common problems and repairs our technicians tackle on a daily basis:

LG Refrigerator and Freezer RepairLG Refrigerator repair

  • Ice build-up or over-freezing
  • Doesn’t cool properly
  • Condensation
  • Leaking water
  • Smells bad
  • Too noisy or is making strange noises
  • Ice machine malfunction
  • Doesn’t work / no power
  • Chipped or broken shelves

LG Ovens, Ranges and Stoves lg range repair

  • Doesn’t work or has no power
  • Control panel doesn’t work or is showing an error code
  • Doesn’t get up to temperature
  • Element doesn’t Work
  • Door doesn’t lock
  • Stove top is cracked

LG Dishwasher

lg dishwasher repair

  • Doesn’t work or has no power
  • Doesn’t wash properly
  • Control panel doesn’t work or is showing an error code
  • Only washes in certain areas
  • Stops mid-cycle
  • White spots on dishes
  • Draining problems
  • Leaking
  • Too noisy or making strange noises

LG Dryer

lg dryer repairThe future of laundry is high efficiency front loading washers and super efficient condensing vent less dryers. These laundry appliances save maintenance costs, construction time, energy, and water. The combination washers and dryers made by LG Appliances automatically dry clothes in a single appliance. The LG stackable units pair the world’s best washer with a separate condensing, vent less dryer. They provide the same dry quality, time, and market appeal as conventional equipment while using 1/3 of the energy of vented dryers.

  • Doesn’t start or has no power
  • Overheats inside or on top
  • No heat or clothes don’t dry
  • Doesn’t spin
  • Too noisy or is making strange noises
  • Blows fuses or trips the circuit breaker
  • Clothes or lint is burnt or marked
  • Clothes smell bad

 LG Washing Machineslg dryer repair

  • Doesn’t start or has no power
  • Doesn’t drain or drains slowly
  • Leaks or overflows
  • Doesn’t spin
  • Too noisy or is making strange noises
  • Off-balance
  • Has a bad smell
  • Error code on the display
  • Not cleaning clothes properly

Whenever possible, LAFixit will schedule same-day service and send their highly trained technicians to get your appliance up and running again. Although LAFixit makes every attempt to carry a good inventory of parts, occasionally parts may need to be ordered. With our wide network of resources, we can rush the parts and complete the repair in a timely manner.  Your 100% satisfaction is always guaranteed ay LAFixit.

Contact LAFixit Customer Care at 877-523-4923 to speak to one of our service techs or schedule an appointment. 

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