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Kenmore believes that no two homes are the same, so they offer a diverse range of products in their Kenmore line of appliances – something to meet your special needs and budgets. The Kenmore Elite and Pro Series will turn your kitchen into a showcase! The Kenmore Elite Series appliances offer features that are more advanced with some of the newest technologies. Experience the world of smart appliances!

The Kenmore brand has been delivering trusted performance and innovation for over 100 years.  Their products perform get the job done right the first time—and Kenmore is always evolving to deliver the latest in technologies that will help you run a more efficient home.

Regardless of what level of Kenmore you choose, your Kenmore appliances are built to last – giving you the best performance for many years.

Check out some of the latest features Kenmore has added to their appliances:

Kenmore Side-by-side refrigerator:

  • The Grab-N-Go Door allows you to store frequently used items for easy access. In addition, if you just need a drink, there is no need to open any door, the ice and water dispenser gives you cold filtered water whenever you want it.
  • GeniusCool™ technology combines digital temperature control, electronic sensors, and multi air flow to maintain a consistent temperature
  • Recessed LED lighting creates more usable space on the top shelf because the LED lights are up and out of the way.

Kenmore Ranges

  • True Convection provides more even baking and faster preheating to heat food throughout. 
  • Kenmore has introduced the Turbo Boil® Flex burner to provide the speed, control and flexibility you want for rapid boiling and precise low simmering

Senior Kenmore® marketing director, Brian Jochum comments that:  “The Kenmore team takes the best of what other manufacturers have to offer. Then they identify unmet needs and insights to make them even better…to optimize and customize the best-performing appliances in the industry. Only then are they worthy of the Kenmore name.”

Kenmore appliances are designed for practicality and usefulness. The Kenmore brand has been recognized for excellence and satisfaction because of its trusted performance—and they are always evolving!

However, even the very best appliances break down occasionally. LAFixit is there for your when they do. Parts wear out from normal use.  As Southern California’s most reputable appliance repair service for Kenmore and all other brands, LA Fixit takes special pride in serving as an Kenmore Repair Center. We stock thousands of parts for 100s of brands, to ensure we get your Kenmore appliance fixed right the first time. We understand the havoc a non-working appliance can create – from kitchen to laundry and breakfast to bedtime; we depend on them to keep us going.

LA Fixit’s professional technicians, plumbers and electricians are certified, licensed and bonded. We will fix your Kenmore appliance right the first time – your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed.  While we take pride in our parts inventory, occasionally a part may have to be ordered. No worries – we are part of a wide network of parts distributors and our parts usually arrive within a couple of days – allowing us to finish your repair and get you back to taking care of business!

At LA Fixit, we offer same day service – there is NEVER a trip charge AND if you allow us to do the repair after we’ve given you our estimate, WE WAIVE THE SERVICE CALL FEE! We want to ensure that you are always 100% satisfied with our service and performance. We value you as a customer!

LA Fixit is here whenever you need us- we are open7 days a week and offer discounts for Senior Citizens and Disabled Individuals. Kenmore suggests you follow some quick checks that can be found in your manual (Kenmore Manuals or Sears Manuals). Here are some tips for some of the most common problems. However, if the problems persist, don’t hesitate to – we offer same day service!

Simple Fixes for Common Appliance Problems

Kenmore Refrigerators

If you have pets, and your refrigerator quits on what seems the hottest day, check the coils immediately for pet fur. A build-up of pet fur causes compressors to overheat; this will trip the overload switch. On many models, you can open/remove the grill at the front bottom of the refrigerator. Use a coil cleaning brush to loosen all the dust, hair and fur. Alternatively, you can use a shop vacuum that is typically more powerful to vacuum it clean. If the coils are on the back of your refrigerator, simply roll it out and brush/vacuum them off.

Once the overload switch has tripped, it may take a couple of hours for it to cool off; it should reset itself and turn the refrigerator back on. If your unit does not come back on within a couple of hours, call LAFixit immediately.

Kenmore Gas Stove

Spilled foods will cause your stove burner not to come on by being stuck to the igniter. You can clean this by using a toothbrush.  If you have an electronic ignition stove, the igniter, a little ceramic nub, is typically located on the stovetop or under the ceramic seal strike plate. When done cleaning, make sure everything is properly seated. If this does not resolve the issue, call 877-523-4923 !

Kenmore Electric Range

If your burner won’t heat, turn the burner off and pull the element from its socket. Plug it in again to check for loose fit-if there is any “play” or “wiggle” remove the element again and very gently bend the prongs outward. If this doesn’t work, the element may have burned out. Try plugging in one of the other elements. If they don’t come on either, it may be an electrical problem. Our technicians will have it working in no time!

Kenmore Dryer

Our technicians respond to many “dryer-not- heating calls”. Before you contact us, check the settings—make sure that the machine is not set to “fluff air”.

Poor drying may also result from a clogged lint filter. Although the filter may look clean, dryer sheets leave a nearly invisible film that reduces airflow and forces the thermostat to shut off the heat before your clothes are dry. Remove the filter – to test for this film, pour water into it. If it holds water, it’s past time to clean it. You can clean this by simply scrubbing it in hot water with a little laundry detergent and a nailbrush or bottle brush.

Be sure to check the outside dryer vent for any lint buildup. This buildup traps heat and turns the heat off in the dryer. Remove any build up. Check the vent hose for kinks. You may have to remove the hose to get to any blockages.  Do not use any sharp instruments to clean the vent. If you have a shop vacuum, reverse the direction of the airflow and “blow” out the clogs.

If you experience any of these or other problems with your Kenmore appliances…


Our skilled technicians have been specially trained to handle these types of repairs and have the proper equipment with which to do it safely.  We are just a phone call away!


Contact LAFixit Customer Care at 877-523-4923 to speak to one of our service techs or schedule an appointment.


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