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The temperatures in Los Angeles can really soar, especially during the height of summer. No one should have to go through the day without the benefit of an air conditioner. It’s not healthy for you, your children, or your pets to be forced to live in such sweltering conditions. The next time you start to experience problems with your air conditioning unit, we strongly urge you to hire the best AC repair experts in Los Angeles, CA. We promise you won’t regret it. Enlisting us to handle all of your air conditioner repair and maintenance needs means you’ll never spend another sweaty and uncomfortable day again.

It doesn’t matter if you have a residential or commercial air conditioning unit, we repair and maintain all brands including:

  • American Standard
  • Ruud
  • York
  • Carrier
  • Trane
  • Goodman
  • Bryant
  • Lennox
  • Rheem
  • Coleman
  • Honeywell
  • Amana
  • Kelvinator
  • Haier
  • And many more

We understand the serious dent a broken air conditioning unit puts in your business. We want the damage to be as minimal as possible. It doesn’t matter what time of the day or night you run into problems, we’re ready to help. Our company has a 24-hour customer service policy. 

When you contact us you will find yourself speaking with a knowledgeable individual who will ask questions designed to help you troubleshoot your air conditioner. We also offer a 24-hour emergency air conditioning repair service in Los Angeles and nearby areas. We arrange our schedule around you, not the other way around like so many other air conditioning repair companies do.

Waiting around for the repairs to get completed is no fun, and can actually be a big hassle. We’ve tried to decrease the amount of time you spend waiting for the repairs on your air conditioning unit to be completed by making sure every single technician on our payroll has both the education and experience needed to quickly and accurately diagnose the problem, before swiftly making the needed repairs. 

Each time one of our techs goes out on a call, they will arrive at your home or place of business in a truck. They come fully equipped with all the parts and tools needed to make all necessary AC repairs in Los Angeles. You can rest assured that when the project is completed, it’s been done right.

Problems we frequently encounter and repair include:

Duct Leaks

The ducts compromise a very important part of your cooling and heating system. When they leak, your A/C unit will be forced to work harder to keep the interior comfortable. The amount of energy the leaks cost depends on the size of the leak, and the size of the building you’re trying to keep cool. Ignoring the leak will only cause your expenses to go up as the leak continues to grow in size.

Air Conditioner Freon Leaks

Our team of Los Angeles-based experts can repair the AC leak and replace the Freon

Units Blowing Warm Air Instead of Cool

If you’ve noticed warm air blowing through your vents, it could mean you’ve developed a refrigerant leak that’s impacting the amount of pressure in your unit, or the compressor has started to overheat. Once we locate and fix the problem, you can get back to enjoying the cool air.

Units not Keeping the Interior of the Building Cool Enough

This commonly results from not having enough Freon. Our professional techs will check things out, make sure there’s not a leak, and repair/replace AC Freon in Los Angeles. Your home or business will be cool and comfortable in no time at all.

Units Using an Abnormally High Amount of Energy

There are a variety of reasons your unit could be drawing more power than normal. Our experienced techs will carefully assess the situation and make whatever repairs are needed and get your power bills lowered.

Units Making Odd Sounds

Although there are a few different reasons why an air conditioner might start making loud sounds, such as clunking and rattling, the most common explanation lies with the bearings becoming dry. If it’s a screeching sound, the fan has most likely shifted enough that a blade scrapes against a thin piece of sheet metal inside the unit.

Broken Thermostats

Thermostats wear out. We’ll replace your broken one and make sure the replacement has been properly wired.

Stuffy air

You don’t have to wait until your air conditioning unit starts making strange noises or has stopped working altogether before contacting us. In addition to fixing problems, we can also prevent the problems from ever happening. Each of the techs we hire has been trained to recognize signs of a potential problem and will take whatever steps are needed to correct things, usually replacing a part. The great thing about contacting us about routine A/C maintenance is that, in addition to decreasing the chances of you needing us for an emergency, you’re going to extend the life of your unit while also helping it maintain maximum energy efficiency.

When one of our Los Angeles-based air conditioning repair technicians comes out on a regular maintenance call, they will be able to provide you with valuable information about whether or not you should start thinking about looking for a new unit. Advanced knowledge allows you to take your time and select the best possible replacement unit, rather than being forced to rush the decision-making process because your current unit has gotten to the point where repairs are no longer feasible.

If you own a business in Los Angeles you know exactly how important a working air conditioning unit is. In order for your customers to fully enjoy the services you provide, they have to be comfortable, something that won’t be possible if they’re unable to escape the California heat. When your unit doesn’t work properly, you can expect to lose business and you’ll continue to lose business until you’ve got the problem solved.

As much as we want to help you out, we can’t do anything until you contact us. Please, don’t hesitate to call. We offer great prices, honor our estimates, and provide you with top-quality air conditioner repair in Los Angeles. When you call L.A. Fixit you can rest assured you will be treated to the highest level of professionalism, which will continue from the first phone call all the way until the repair tech has left your property. We assure you, dealing with us will be a treat.

For more information, please call 877-523-4923 or contact us. One of our experts will answer all your questions.

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Esther sent over someone in less than 2 hours – when I called at 6;45pm! My a/c had gone out and it was over 100 degrees. Thank you LA Fixit for coming to the rescue quickly and reasonably.